Check out our business coaching program that impacts and reaches out to many business owners from various business sectors every once a week, spread out through the year. We incorporate wellness sessions and other interesting stuff to provide immersive experience to our trainees.

The quantum leap program (qlp)

QLP is a value proposition business coaching program initiated by PCL. The program has been supporting SMEs since November 2019 to strengthen capacity in building the Kenyan economy. The main objective of Precious Connections Ltd is to mentor, consult, coach, empower and educate Youth and Women on problems faced by SMEs and how to overcome them to enable them become successful entrepreneurs.

Engage SME's

Organize sessions with the members to get them fully immersed in the program (Once a week)



Organize a curriculum for the SME’s to fully equip them with the knowledge they need


Create a communication platform for those part of the program involving them in the activities


Ultimately, we aim to impact the business community by producing successful and confident entrepreneurs

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We are campaigning for a vibrant business eco system

The overall purpose of the project is to contribute to improving the livelihood of Kenyan families by increasing SMEs access to economic opportunities, which in turn will benefit their own families and their employees. The participation will include all, and especially women, youth and PWDs entrepreneurs. The project represents a SMEs-specific initiative to address inequalities in the small enterprise sector. It combines gender and minority groups’ equality promotion with enterprise development.


#TheQLPPartnershipDrive involves various stakeholders, mainly our partners who have come together to support entrepreneur’s/business owners in the SMEs space SMEs will be able to gain better access to the market and therefore, grow their businesses, employ more people, and generate sustainable and better incomes for their employees, themselves, and their families.

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