Corporate Branding

At Precious Connections Ltd, we amplify brands, share stories and create memories. Our experts deliver the right brand awareness that directly translates to driving your company’s growth. We are results-oriented and driven by our partners’ business and brand objectives.

Corporate Branding

The PCL branding team delivers the promise through a qualified staff with a combined experience of over 10 years in the media industry. Our team has the resources and knowledge to make your brand break the market ceiling.

Our technologies

3D Moulding

Our mold design is directed towards achieving optimal cost/performance ratio. Accumulating experience from various industries, implementing latest technologies and obeying project due dates, we are capable to deliver molds at conditions surpassing market standards.


We do custom cut shapes using various materials with our CNC router. The CNC router allows us to produce machine shapes that are consistent, smooth, and attractive. Especially for shorter runs, CNC routing is less expensive than producing die cutting tooling. Many sign materials are too brittle for die cutting,

Alluminium and Steel Channel Bending.

We deliver the best solutions for companies requiring channel letters, custom signs and advertising coffers. Automatic Letter Bender products is a line of fully automated CNC letter bending machines for channel letters, logos, signs, symbols, and the coffers of unusual shape.

Plasma Cutting

Plasma cutters use a high velocity stream of ionized gas to cut shapes out of sheet metal. We offer cost-effective cutting solutions whether you need a single part, batch of prototypes, or a production order.

Punch Pressing

Punching is a sheet metal manufacturing process that is carried out by CNC punch presses. We have machines with single head and tool rail (Trumpf) design or multi-tool turret design.

Laser Engraving

We offer engraving which is done in-house by fully qualified technicians. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide fast, efficient engraving at the most competitive prices available with excellent nationwide delivery service.

Transfer Direct Printing

Our service is built with our aim is to supply customer experience that they can understand easily printing process. Our work is more efficient, economical, and profitable than direct printing.


Digital Printing

We offer digital printing services with an array of processes like in-house laminating, UV varnishing, die cutting and perfect binding which provide our customer with a flexible choice of finishing all types of printed material.

Wallpaper printing

We offer print and install digitally printed wallpaper with any printed image you want whch can transform your wall into a beautiful full-colour digital print. Perfect for the home or the office.


Solid Wood Machine Boards and Joinery Fabrication

We offer services in designing and manufacturing woodworking machines and services for joiners and customized production shops working with melamine panels, solid wood and other plastic materials.


Mass Printing

The Stationery Printing service portfolio that we offer, allows us to meet our clients' bulk printing and stationery needs, making them free to focus on their core business cutting down on costs for outsourcing services that require bulk printing like stationery and other related works.

Facade & Elevation signage

We make signages that transform building front face and building’s facade into exciting large image experience and provide the specialized services needed to achieve an optimal finish for facade banners and signs – from special cuts to expert trimming and seams.

Light Signage

We provide high quality LED light fixtures, cooper lighting, fluorescent light fixtures, landscape lighting for areas surrounding your warehouse, seagull lighting, decking lights and wac lighting. Our lighting signages are high performance and durable with high levels of glare reduction.

Non-Luminous Signage

We offer fabrication services in manufacturing dimensional letters, these are applied to buildings or monuments. We have a wide selection of channel lettering including unlit letters, 3D letter logos, halo unlit channel letters, backlit letters , frontlit letters and much more.

Directory & Way finding signage

We provide Directory & Way finding signage sign foundation design services as well as digital directory signs and sign stands for your business improving business visibility and brand recognition

Cautionary Signage-Fire and Exit Signage,Hazard Signs

Our Cautionary Signage-Fire and Exit Signage,Hazard Signs solutions help in optimizing savings even further by adding smart safety systems that allow visibility the highest level of optimization and maintenance planning.

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Road Signage Projects

We design, manufacture and install wayfinding and directional signs. Our sign products are made using industry-leading 3M products and are backed by the 12-year 3M Diamond Warranty Programme. We also hold a large number of signs in stock, ready for dispatch.


We provide pylon sign foundation design services as well as digital pylon signs and sign stands for your business. Our Pylons are built with a robust steel construction and installed with a reinforced concrete footing, ensuring protection from severe collisions and vandalism.

Wall branding and Hoardings

We are immersed in executing finest quality services for Hoarding Printing. We make use of contemporary printing machines and techniques to carry out this service with precision in prompt manner.

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We are the well-known service provider of Outdoor Advertising. We provide these services to our customers in various patterns, designs and also as per their modified necessities. Our high quality and cost effectiveness, is highly commended by our valued patrons


Window and Glass Branding

We are engaged in providing durable quality branding solutions that consist of designs which are widely used at buildings and offices. These graphics are installed at glass surface with utmost ease and can also be used to maintain privacy. Our window graphics are available with varied specialty films.

Vehicle Branding

Utilizing the latest technology and high quality materials, we use simple creative concepts in branding and make ideas transformed into an artwork of uncompromising quality.


Shelf tapes

We feature customized and durable free shelf tapes designs that easy to install with adjustable sections. Shelf tapes are widely used for presenting products.


Free standing units

We design and fabricate some of the best permanent FSUs using MDF, Acrylic and corian. With our in-house carpentry, paint shop and welding unit – we are always in control.

Shelf Highliters

We provide easy to install Shelf Highlighters manufactured from 4mm high impact acrylic material and designed to fit the majority of shelving systems as standard with bespoke options available on request.

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Custom 2D 3D designs

We provide custom 2D/3D mold design directed towards achieving optimal cost/performance ratio. Our customized and durable designs translate into an artwork of uncompromising quality

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Campaign Rebrands

We offer campaigns and brand-wide advertising, while allowing client complete control over their branding. We ensure that only relevant print is produced, eliminating waste and ensuring quality every time.

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